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It’s featured family time! Each week, I am busy digging into the amazing queer community over on Instagram to find new families to share with you. Because queer families rule. And because we can all use a whole lot more of seeing families that look like us. Let’s meet this week’s families!



“My name is Emily & this is my wife, Kristen, and our daughter, Madison. We have been together for 6 years, married for 3 years, and had Madison 10 months ago. We live in Boston, MA with our two dogs and a cat and will someday (hopefully soon!) be expanding our family to include another kid.”

You can find Emily’s family on Instagram: @e_keenan. She also blogs at Thank you for sharing your family with us!



“My name is Cindy and partner is Sarah. We have two beautiful children, Jai-lynn-13 and Derek-5. We currently reside in Vacaville, CA.”

You can find Cindy on Instagram: @cperez1203. Thank you for sharing your family with us!



“My name is Winnie my partner is Suzy. We have two children. Our boy is 7 and our girl is 4. We live on Cape Cod. Were not married yet.”

You can find Winnie on Instagram: @winnipooh_tales and on Twitter: @winwin02. Thank you for sharing your family with us!


All photos shared with permission. Thank you to this week’s families for being awesome and sharing a glimpse into their families with us. Can’t get enough featured families? Check out our previous featured families and follow us on Instagram! Tag your Instagram pics with #LesbianFamily to help us find you!

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