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Our three featured families this week come to you from the United States Air Force, Texas, and Florida. They also had a lot to say. I love that. We love to hear from you and be able to share your story, to share a glimpse into your lives. It’s truly an honor for me to facilitate this. You guys totally rule. Thank you for sharing your families with us.




“We met and fell in love while deployed in Iraq. Now we have been married for three years with four monsters that we sometimes claim are children, LOL. Te’a is ten, Jasmine is nine, Kai is six, and baby Mikayla is 9 months old. We are stationed at Ellsworth AFB SD, it’s right outside Rapid City. Jess is active duty Air Force. I was in the Air Force for 12 years but got out so Jess and I could be together. The military doesn’t recognize same sex marriages so we couldn’t get orders together. Now I have the amazing job of being wife and a mommy. Our life has been an adventure, one filled with love and happiness.”

You can find Chris, Jess, and their family on Instagram: @c_ali82.




“My name is Andi and my partner is Crystalyn. We’ve been together for almost a year and a half. We reside in Denton, TX. We have two children with 4 legs, Gus (dog) and Abigail (cat). We both work very hard at our careers and enjoy this incredible journey through life together.”

You can find Andi on Instagram: @andidennis.




“Hello there! First of all thank you for the opportunity! My name is Marial and my wife’s name is Tiahnna. We are legally married in the state of NY, but reside in Orlando, Fl. We have two beautiful children by the names of Jariel, 4, and Julimarie 7. We are two hard working women that made the commitment to raise our kid in a happy and healthy home. We teach them right from wrong, but allow them to be themselves. We love making YouTube video’s to show our LGBT community, that its okay to be yourself and still be happy. We love to set a good example for both the hetero and LGBT community. Our Favorite quote is “alofokit be happy”! Thanks guys!”

You can find Marial on Instagram: @mayimba3menda and on YouTube.


All photos shared with permission. Thank you to this week’s families for being awesome and sharing a glimpse into their families with us. If you’re looking for more awesome families, check out our previous featured families and follow us on Instagram! Tag your Instagram pics with #LesbianFamily to help us find you!

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