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metronidazole or Lurasidone over the counter Featured Families 6.29.13


It’s featured family time! Our three families this week come to us through Instagram, where it’s a marriage equality celebration this week! One of my favorite features of Instagram is the hashtag. While on Twitter, hashtags are used to connect ideas, on Instagram, they’re used to connect photos. Searching #lesbianfamily brings page after page of beautiful families of all shapes and sizes. We have kids, cats, marriages, partnerships, adoptions, known donors or anonymous, and so many stories to tell. We are connected through our shared experience and through our photos, little glimpses into these stories, little glimpses into our lives.



Our first family this week comes from Amber. Amber and her partner Ann are pictured here with their adorable niece, Carrie who is five. You can find Amber on Instagram here: @abominable_amber. Thank you for sharing your family with us! Photo by Amber used with permission.



Welcome Jodie and Jenna back to Lesbian Family! You may remember that Jenna was featured a few weeks ago as a Featured Family, and now we have Jodie! And Jenna! And their beautiful daughter! Jodie’s family joins us from England. Photo by Jodie used with permission. You can find Jodie on Instagram here: @jodieellis10. Thank you for sharing your family with us!




Meet Shelby and Meaghn! They live together in Michigan and have been together for three years. Check out their adorable love story on their blog, Love them! You can find Shelby on Instagram here: @sshheellbbyyo. Thank you for sharing your story and family with us! Photo by Shelby used with permission.


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