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Our three featured families this week are @chrislhavis, @juscallmebuddi, and @jennaellis55. We love these families!


chris 6.8.13


Tisha and Christina live in Las Vegas, NV with their four children and a dog. One adult son, one nine year old daughter, and twin two year old sons. Their hands are full! They have been together two years and legalized domestic partners for over a year. You can find Tisha and Christina on Instagram as @beyoutifulone and @chrislhavis. Thanks for sharing your family with us!


juscallmebuddi 6.8.13


Ebonee and Mia live in Los Angeles, California with their five year old son and are expecting a second child soon. They are happily married and have been together almost five years. You can find Ebonee on Instagram as @juscallmebuddi. Thank you for sharing your family with us!


jennaellis 6.8.13


Jenna and Jodie come to us from Nottingham, UK. They live there with their four year old daughter. You can find Jenna on Instagram as @jennaellis55. Thank you for sharing your family with us!


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