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expectingly Featured Families 5.25.13


We’re going world-wide this week for our featured families! We have a family from Australia, one from Canada, and one from North Carolina here in the United States!


Manda 5.25.13

Our first family this week are the Canadians. Manda and Brandi have been together for three years. Manda’s daughter from a previous relationship will be four next month and has only known Brandi to be her other parent. They live in Vancouver and are enjoying the start of their life together. Thank you all for sharing your beautiful family with us!

demdav 5.25.13

I found our second family on Instagram. Emily and Erin and their adorable 20 week old daughter live in Sydney Australia. They used a sperm bank in America to help start their beautiful family and hope to give little Layla a sibling in a few years. They aren’t married, yet, but hope to as soon as same-sex marriage is available in Australia. You can find Emily on Instagram: @demdav.

tami 5.25.13

Our last family this week is Tami, Jessica, and baby Maggie. Tami and Jessica have been married for three years and live in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Thank you all for sharing your beautiful families with us through the Lesbian Family Facebook page, Instagram, and even through email! You all totally rule!  We are always looking for new families to share, please share yours! 


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  1. Hello, beautiful families! Thank you for sharing your beauty with us!

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