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Les Fam Families 5.18.13

From Philadelphia to Atlanta to California, lesbian families are everywhere!


jamie alex and izzy

Our first family is Alex, Jamie and their six year old Izzy. They live in Willow Glen, California. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with us!


mercedes and ashley

Our second family this week is expecting their first baby! How exciting! Mercedes and Ashley are 26 and 27, respectively. They live near Atlanta, Georgia and hope to be married some day. Congratulations on the pregnancy! You can find Mercedes and Ashley on Instagram @ashleylovesmer (HOW CUTE) and on Tumblr: 2crunchymommies.tumblr.com.


jesse family

Our third family this week is a family I’ve known online for years. Even before our kids! Jessie and Greta are both 32 and live outside of Philadelphia with their two ADORABLE boys Holland (4) and Mead (16 months), and their cat too, of course. You can find Jessie on Instagram: @jessieneff.


Thank you to our three families this week for sharing with us! If you’d like to share your family, please send in a photo or find us on Instagram and tag #lesbianfamily on your photos. Hooray for lesbian families!

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