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http://civilwarbummer.com/lincolns-law-philosophy-or-lamons-fee-reduced/lamon-young-attorney/ lesfam featured week of 2.23.13

Our purpose here at Lesbian Family is to connect and empower lesbian families and our allies. We do that here with posts and a directory and over on Instagram with photos!

Last week’s featured families include @Dreamsrundeep, @beintimitading, and @imperialbedrooms.


From @dreamsrundeep‘s Instagram profile: “Life is in the details. Not the ones you can control, but the ones that happen as if by pure serendipity. -Levavi Oculos



Ebony is a lesbian mom living on the east coast.



Lisa is a psychology graduate who loves film cameras, yoga, vegan food, and her girlfriend, of course. She blogs at pixiediaries.com.


Tag your lesbian family photos with #lesbianfamily to be featured or follow the hashtag and @lesbianfamily to discover other empowered lesbian families around the world.


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  1. I always love family pictures and everybody looks so happy. Great pictures.

  2. I love the middle picture. The child’s smile is just priceless.

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