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buy Pregabalin online australia lesfam featured week of 2.23.13

Our purpose here at Lesbian Family is to connect and empower lesbian families and our allies. We do that here with posts and a directory and over on Instagram with photos!

Last week’s featured families include @Dreamsrundeep, @beintimitading, and @imperialbedrooms.


From @dreamsrundeep‘s Instagram profile: “Life is in the details. Not the ones you can control, but the ones that happen as if by pure serendipity. -Levavi Oculos



Ebony is a lesbian mom living on the east coast.



Lisa is a psychology graduate who loves film cameras, yoga, vegan food, and her girlfriend, of course. She blogs at pixiediaries.com.


Tag your lesbian family photos with #lesbianfamily to be featured or follow the hashtag and @lesbianfamily to discover other empowered lesbian families around the world.


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  1. I always love family pictures and everybody looks so happy. Great pictures.

  2. I love the middle picture. The child’s smile is just priceless.

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