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Expansion 2.0 If I was über-excited about the re-branding to VillageQ, I am head-over-heels excited to the max about our expanding blog directory.  Not only are we expanding in numbers, we are representing so many different and wonderful voices and experiences.  Just start meandering around the directory— you are sure to find many blogs you like love.

With the expansion, we have a ton of new blogs to introduce to you. Many have been waiting in the wings for quite some time to be listed, so to them we offer our sincere apologies for the wait, and our hearty thanks for climbing aboard. We have so many new listings to introduce to you that I am going to name this “Week of Blogs!”  Get excited and get your clicking finger ready, here are the first few:

  • Ryan and Jeremy – Husbands. Best friends. Daddies. Diaper changers. Boo-boo kissers. Professional monster scarer-off-ers.  This is the story of two gay dads trying to turn their family from a threesome into a foursome.  Don’t miss the adorable pictures on the about page!
  • Mouths of Babes – A single Mom and a city girl living in the suburbs, Angie has 4 kids, all boys, including twins who are almost one.
  • Pamela Helberg – Pam Helberg working on her memoir, an intimate look at what happens when the Perfect Lesbian Family falls apart, a story by turns humorous and heart breaking.
  • Lavender Revelations – No Menace here, just a gay lady sharing her thoughts about crazy world we all dance through together! Talking life, love, kids, society, pop culture, and anything else that comes to mind!
  • Chunk & Mommy – A blog about a mom’s love and devotion to her son, Chunk.  Not to mention, TTC, divorce, re-marriage, and a raw look at life in general.
  • The Adventures of Holly Homemaker – Two moms. Two kids. A mischievous kitten. A royal puppy. Happy family since 2003.  Don’t miss the pictures of the growing bumps for each baby!
  • A Life More Ordinary – A little family, a little home, a little romance.  The adventures of an immigrant interracial lesbian couple and their adopted children.

Now, off you go to read; make sure to leave a comment, and tell ‘em VillageQ sent you!

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  1. Happy Week of Blogs!! I am, in fact, very excited about acquainting myself with our new arrivals. Thank you, Clare, for sharing the news and welcoming everyone to the VQ family!

  2. YAY! This rules!

  3. Ryan and Jeremy have their blog back online!

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