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Dreams of Pregnancy

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Last night, I dreamed I was pregnant. It was the darndest thing. In the dream, I could not figure out how that could have happened. I mean, our kind is not capable of the accidental pregnancy not to mention that my seasoned, though not completely dried up, plumbing may not be as receptive to life as it once was.

It felt very real, that dream. I was early on in my pregnancy but not yet ill, as I had been with both boys. I tried to remember when I had been to the OB/Gyn last. Perhaps someone had misheard me when I said, “No, no I definitely do NOT want you to inseminate me with that last vial of sperm that we have on ice.”

I was not displeased, mind you. While I spent the first half of the dream considering the how, I spent the second half considering what if. We had toyed with having a third child a couple of years after Levi was born. I should say I toyed. Gabriella acquiesced. In the blackjack game of baby making, I wanted to hit. She wanted to stand. And eventually, we both left the table content with our winnings.

You know when you have those really vivid dreams, the ones where you have to pause for a few beats in the morning to draw lines between reality and fantasy? It was like that.

So I went online to investigate the significance of pregnancy dreams. Well, as you can imagine, the interpretations are varied depending on whether or not you’re actually pregnant, whether or not you’re happy about it, whether or not you’re dreaming that you are about to give birth or if you’re in the early stages, etc. I had to go through the list until I finally figured out what it all meant.

Some of the interpretations I found on the web included:

can you buy Neurontin over the counter You Want To Have a Baby

The most obvious interpretation is that I want a baby. As I said, I was not upset about the possibility in the dream. And the fact is, I wouldn’t mind being pregnant….and then giving birth to an 8-year-old. I mean, not passing an 8-year-old body through my vagina for obvious reasons, but giving birth to a child that I didn’t have to dress, bathe, change, or nurse. This was most likely not what was going on in my subconscious.

neurontin 800 mg tablets You Need A Change

One site suggested that I might be bored with my partner or my profession and that I may be ready to make a life-changing decision. I’m ready for a haircut and that’s about it – and not even a radical haircut. I just need to clean up the ends. MAYBE cover a few grays.

ivermectin buy cheap You Need To Express Yourself

In this scenario, the question is posed, “Is there an emotion that you have been secretly nurturing, or have you been wanting to express yourself more abstractly?” In dreams, the belly represents the processing of information, “like in the digestive system, and seeing a pregnant or growing belly means that the emotion will soon be “digested”, and expressed.”

AH HA!! I got it. It wasn’t the taking up art bit or nurturing emotions, it was all the references to the digestive system!!

Gabriella made her bean salad for guests the other day, but it was really for me because that is how she shows her love. And it is so flavorful in all the best ways that I can NEVER eat one helping. It is a miracle that I had any left at all to photograph for you today. I couldn’t even take the picture without eating a few spoonfuls first.

bean salad

Needless to say, I had overindulged on Gabriella’s bean salad. I am, dear readers, practically inflated with bean-bloat. It was Gabriella who had impregnated me but instead of seeds, she had done so with legumes!! Mystery solved. I do not want to have a baby, and I do not want to make a radical change in my life. I’m just really bloated.

Congratulations, Gabriella!! We are about to be parents again – and it’ll be a real gas.

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