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Drawings on the Fridge Door

When I moved to Chile in high school,  I was surprised to learn that sticking family photos, spelling or math tests with good grades, and children’s drawings on the refrigerator door was not a worldwide phenomenon.   My host family’s fridge was bare.   So were all the refrigerators in the neighborhood.  Honestly, it was sad.  I grew up looking forward to making a new piece of art that I could hang or buying a new magnet while on vacation so I could hang said artwork.  I know it is cultural, but it is my culture.

As an adult, I have spent a lot of time thinking about role-modeling and living by example.  How did my lack of breastfeeding role models affect me? How do lesbian family role models affect the coming out experience?  How can I be a better role model for my daughter around body image and relationship to food?  When Sandra wrote about the guerrilla queer playdate and how it was a needed opportunity for children in queer households to interact with their peers, I began to think about the refrigerator and what our children see on their neighbors’ or friends’ fridges.  Perhaps they don’t have the opportunity to see other queer families and their fridges.  Perhaps they are growing in a community, like mine, which isn’t as diverse or LGBT-friendly as I would like.

Since this is a community, I started a photo album called “Fridge Door” on the Lesbian Family Facebook Page.  Sadly, my daughter is still too little to draw much beyond squiggly lines.  So, other contributors here have been the first to step up and I know that more art is on its way.

I encourage everyone to submit photos of their children’s family drawings for us to share in this space.  Also, let your kids see the other kids’ drawings.  Who knows, a painting might inspire them!  Who knows, on a day when they are feeling a bit different, the other drawings might make them feel less alone.

Check out our first drawings here:


Thanks to Roozle from


B's Family Portrait

Thanks B-man


**Drawings may be submitted directly via Facebook messages or to: LesbianFamilyVlogs [at] Gmail [dot] com. Feel free to let me know if I should point people to a blog or other FB page, too!

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  1. This is a wonderful idea, Clare. I’ll have to ask the kids after school which masterpieces they want to see on our page the most. They’ll love seeing their work published online and looking at all of the other family portraits! Thank you!!

    • Thanks. I can’t wait to see your kids’ artwork.

      My idea is to add things onto the Facebook Fridge and then every so often share a piece of art here on the blog.

      Also, perhaps we could get the LesFam Instagram guru to do a compilation of drawings for an instagram post. Is it called a post? Picture? Collage?

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