Dominating PGS December came too soon this year but I have big plans for this month. Here’s what happens next:

1) My inner Grinch is reborn (circa Dec. 5th)
2) A bunch of year closing events (Dec. 15th to 20th and 26th to 30th)
3) My birthday and the end of the world (Dec. 21st)
4) Holidays (if the world doesn’t really end) -> The Grinch strikes again

My excuse for the lack of seriousness in this post is just that the Pre-Grinch Syndrome is kicking in and everyone else seems to be excited about the holidays. See, my family tradition is to celebrate Christmas but we are mostly atheists so I find the whole thing pointless and it’s usually no fun. But hey, presents! No, wait… I have some memories that ruin that, like the 4-story Barbie house I got once (and teared apart to make a new “carpet” for my treehouse ¬¬). Reading my grandma’s memoirs I realized even she was complaining about this traditions. So why do we keep on doing this Christmas thing? I don’t like people assuming I’m catholic just like I don’t like people assuming I’m straight… so should I reply to “merry Cristmas” like I used to reply to questions about a boyfriend? Oh, one more thing that doesn’t fit is Santa’s attire, why does he keep his winter clothes on when he visits the southern hemisphere? Hello, it’s summer over here!

Ok, so you get the Grinchy picture but I’m pretty sure there’s a plot for most humans to celebrate in this time of the year, one way or another. For now it’s just an excuse to get our families together but I think we should come up with some sort of new tradition to celebrate, especially when kids come. I read this book once called something like “Children without a god: how to raise atheist kids” and even though I don’t necessarily agree with the whole book, I think the authors Ianantuoni and Rozitchner have a point and you can sort of see it summed up in the cover:


The kid is drawing himself as we should be designing our own traditions. Interfaith Holidays or Faithless Holidays could be awesome. So there, PGS! =P

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