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Deep Breath… and… PLUNGE! (take two) I had the most fantastic introductory post written.  Really, it was a thing of beauty.  It started off with the sentences: “In June 2005, I was unemployed, overly isolated, incredibly depressed, and expecting a child with my partner, Kristin.  I’d been these things for quite a while as we had received the news that I was losing my job a week after we found out Kristin was pregnant; the baby was due in August.”  And then it went off into flights of sheer brilliance which dazzled my eye so much that I can only remember a few snippets:


…Lesbians With Kids existed only in such far away and fairy-tale-like locations as San Francisco, New York, and Atlanta…

… after a long and fruitless search, I stumbled onto the oasis that is Addition Problems, and all my burdens dropped away…

… though it took quite a while before I got anyone’s attention besides those people who happened to visit my home and were dragged to the computer screen and forced to read my latest blog masterpiece post…

My intended first post for was all about searching for community: looking for mentors and colleagues and friends and inspiration.  The post explained how for me a big part of that search ended when I began my blog and entered the amazingly supportive and dynamic lesbian family blogosphere.  The idea that one can create a community through words warms the very cockles of this writer’s heart and I wanted a perfect post to express my delight and love for the blogging community that has embraced me so warmly; and I succeeded in writing that perfect post… and then WordPress ate it.  And, of course, because I was so overcome by the sheer eloquence of my own words, I had neglected to save a copy anywhere else.

So it’s gone.  My post.  My lovely post.  And I’m left with only this shadow to give you.

But you know, it’s ok, because my words aren’t the draw.  The draw to this site is you.  I’m here because of all of you.  Your words, your stories, your experiences, your emotions: they inspire me.  You inspire me.

When Liza asked me if I wanted to contribute to I gave her a resounding “yes!” because I think can become a nexus for the lesbian family blogosphere.  I think it can be the thing to pull in our disparate voices and let each be heard.  I think it can be a place of vibrant discussion and connection.  And with all that, I want to stand here in the center and hold up a mirror and reflect you back to yourselves.  I want discussion to swirl around me, your words to fill me up.  Watch this space in the coming weeks; you’ll see interviews with bloggers, weekly blogroll highlights, and (hopefully) a monthly carnival.  You might also find me posting the occasional editorial or commentary-type piece intended to start discussion, but for the most part I’m going to be here to write about you.

You are all amazing.  I can’t wait to get started.


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  1. Just wanted to pop in & leave Trista a little hoorah! Despite the fact that WordPress ate your (fabulous) post, the one you ended up publishing got your point across quite nicely!

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