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were to buy Pregabalin My kid has been on a dumpling kick. Last time I took her to United Noodles I let her pick out a package of frozen dumplings and we discovered she loves them. “Ummmm…. dumplings!” became the response to the question “what would you like for snack?” She cried great big two-year-old tears over how utterly unfair it was that I wanted to eat two dumplings of my own when we cooked some on Saturday. Obviously my next move was making her felt dumplings to add to her stash of play kitchen food.



Here’s what I did:

  1. I dug out our stash of felt and used a canning jar lid to trace circles.
  2. I stitched them almost all the way closed in a half moon shape, stuffed them with a little batting (you could easily use felt scraps) and then stitched them closed.
  3. Then I stitched back, adding three pleats to make them a little more dumpling-like. For those of you who are extra-craftily inclined I used a running stitch. For those of you who maybe aren’t as crafty I think you could make them with a hot glue gun instead of a needle and thread. That would probably be faster as too.

I think they turned out pretty well, even if I did miss an entire plot point about Russia and nuclear weapons in Iran during the episode of West Wing we were watching while I was making them.

Little Bear liked them as well. When she saw them this morning on her play stove she exclaimed “my dumplings!” and started pretending to eat them. She even deigned to share one with me. We busted out the chopsticks and a good time was had by all. My next project: felt sushi!



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  1. Yum! I wish I had dumplings in Albania! The felt ones are pretty cute too.

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