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mail order Lyrica IMG_0309 edit with sign[Today is Blogging for LGBT Families Day. This is my contribution. Make your own and link it, or read what others have written on Mombian’s master post, here.]

Yesterday, as we watched a video, n said, “That baby has two moms.”

She went on to explain that one mom was called “mommy,” and the other mom was called “jonah.”

It should be noted that the baby has no defined family structure within the video. (In fact, it’s a baby who happens to conduct an orchestra of animals. We’re obviously going for realism in our cinema.)

A few weeks ago, I was informed by self-same child that, at school, they were making a pretend family. “I was the mom. And [friend1] was the other mom. And [friend2] was the baby, and [friend3] was the sister.”

She is at an age, and in a school, where such things as whether you have one mom or two, one dad, or two, one of each, or none at all, doesn’t matter. Sure, there’s the expected amount of language and interactive play, trying to figure out who has what, and what role those people play in the kids’ lives. (Including our being told, more than once, that she would just take her friends’ dads as her own.)

It’s my wish, of course, that her life could always be so easy, and her peers so welcoming. I know that’s not how it will be, that this road won’t always be an easy one, for us or for her.

But I’m thankful that we’re in this time and day, where, for three year olds, at least, it’s no big deal that their friend has two moms.

Because if one mom is great, then two moms ought to be awesome.

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