Change is Coming to Lesbian Family

“Where’d that header spoon go?” the observant among you might ask.

Those who take in this site’s content in a reader, or who are just not that tuned into header graphics may instead ask, “You mean there are spoons in the header graphic?”

To you, we say: yes, there were spoons in the header. And there are fewer and fewer by the day. Because change is coming to Lesbian Family, and we are super, mega, majorly excited about it. I’d say “hella” excited, but that term would only make sense to Northern Californians, who number perhaps fewer than those who have noticed we have rainbow spoons in our header. (Yes? No? Maybe so?)

Could we be this excited about juuuust a new header graphic? Maybe. Could there be more thrilling expansion to Lesbian Family’s family than just a new header graphic? Could be.  Is a site that revived itself from a dormant, if venerable, status just a little over nine months ago be on the cusp of a bigger, better, bolder, more bodacious rebirth?

You’re going to have to keep coming back to find out.


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  1. It’s a relief to learn that the disappearing spoons are purposeful and not a case of someone breaking in and stealing the silverware!

  2. So, they are definitely spoons is what you are saying.

  3. I’ve had people tell me they thought they were balloons.

  4. Never have I been so happy to make such a appropriate quote/inside joke….

    “Vikki took a spoon!!!!!!!”

  5. I am giddy with excitement! (also, I’ve been wanting to see those spoons disappear for like ever, so double yay!)

  6. I totally say hella.


  7. I am hella glad you say hella, Jenna! Holla!

  8. I never realized the extent of spoon hatred with this group. Sarah Kimmel — well played. We’ll miss you in Chicago!

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