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Children of the Future

This is a tag-team post by j (her “voice” in italics) and Trista. When I was a teenager, just beginning to come out to myself, I bought a book of lesbian short stories.  In the collection was the story “When it Changed” by Joanna Russ.  This story blew me away.  It encapsulated […]

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This makes me sick. Parrott’s ruling ordered Emma Rose to be returned to Deborah Schultz within 10 days, or be declared a “deprived child” and turned over the Georgia Department of Family & Children Services. Hadaway and Shultz met at a truck stop in Jeffersonville, Ga., on Jan. 12, 2007, […]

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The Desperate (Queer) Housewife

Let me tell you, I find it quite odd how exciting the words “Honey! I’m home!” have become for me in the past year. As many of you know, I have been home full time with my son, and will be heading back to work and school at the end […]

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Story Corps Outdoes Itself: Please Listen

Ok, I admit it, I’m a geek. My favorite kind of “music” is NPR. In moments like this morning, I know why. This morning, Morning Edition ran a Story Corps segment that made me cry in my car. While I was driving. The interview was between a 14 year old […]

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“Married” Moms vs “Unmarried” Moms?

UPDATE: This is cross-posted over at SoVo! Babytalk magazine is related to Parenting magazine, but oriented towards parents of babies. (I know you’re shocked.) In the current issue of Babytalk, there’s a survey: “Married Moms vs Unmarried Moms.” Smackdown at the playgroup! There are so many things that trouble me […]

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Non-bio Mothers in Utah Beware

The Utah Supreme Court handed down their opinion on Jones v. Barlow today. The case involves Keri Jones and Cheryl Barlow.  The two women conceived a child via a.i. and then when the child was 2, their relationship ended.  Barlow now claims that she is no longer gay and doesn’t want her child exposed […]

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And With the Girls be Handy

As the snow comes down, and I’ve planned another warm, cozy Valentine’s Day evening with my love I can’t help but think about relationships, and recognition and marriage. And I think of numbers. The number 1, for example. There is one state in the entire country in which I reside […]

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Freedom to Marry Week

This week, February 11-17, is National Freedom to Marry Week! And Mombian is hosting a “Freedom to Marry Blog Carnival” on February 14 — linking to posts from all over the blogosphere on why the freedom to marry is so important. If you blog about that this week, or have […]

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Black History Month

Well, I’m a week late, but Happy Black History Month! A former student of mine succinctly sums up my thoughts on the month. She writes, “Black History Month (BHM) became a bore for me a while ago, not just because of the regurgitated Marcus, Malcolm, Martin mantra, but because this […]

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A few news stories for your reading pleasure (or perhaps displeasure)

I’ve decided to add a news ticker to my life, using keywords like “lesbian” and “parenting”. This week, I received 85 notices that Jen*ifer Anist*n and C*urtney C*x were going to kiss onscreen. How exciting! *rolls eyes* Yet I did come across some interesting news links and offer them up […]