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Story Corps Outdoes Itself: Please Listen

Ok, I admit it, I’m a geek. My favorite kind of “music” is NPR. In moments like this morning, I know why. This morning, Morning Edition ran a Story Corps segment that made me cry in my car. While I was driving. The interview was between a 14 year old […]

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Foster Parents Sought for Research

In case you didn’t see this comment on the Foster Parents blogroll page: Greetings reader–A colleague of mine and I at Eastern Michigan University are currently conducting a study about the unique needs and experiences of gay and lesbian foster parents. Each of us is a foster parent with our […]

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“Married” Moms vs “Unmarried” Moms?

UPDATE: This is cross-posted over at SoVo! Babytalk magazine is related to Parenting magazine, but oriented towards parents of babies. (I know you’re shocked.) In the current issue of Babytalk, there’s a survey: “Married Moms vs Unmarried Moms.” Smackdown at the playgroup! There are so many things that trouble me […]

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Film Flashback

A few months back, the three of us decided to attend a film and panel discussion, held at one of the local universities in our city. The film, entitled The Politics of the Heart (click for video) documents the fight for recognition of their familes by queer parents in Québec. […]

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A Starry Coverlet of Velvet Possibility

Someone suggested to me that I write this week on trying to have a sex life with my partner while raising a toddler. I think she thought this would be a hard thing to do. Not the writing about it, goodness knows I can write about sex as long as […]

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I’m Curious

How do those of you who have two careers and babies/small children manage it? This has been the subject of some recent heated discussion in the art-sweet/pili household and after trying to organize my thoughts on the issue into a coherent post far too many times, I’ve decided to wimp […]

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P*nis down

In the past week, my son Roo has made it through exactly two nights without waking up soaking wet and howling. We use cloth diapers, so we switched to the thicker night covers. Then night covers with doublers. Then those brown disposables from Whole Paycheck. Then the good old-fashioned ultra-bleached, Bert-and-Ernie-on-the-front […]

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What Will Boys Be?

In all my fantasies of having a child, I always imagined having a girl. A feisty, spunky, worm-loving, mud-puddle-hopping, pink-disdaining, peace-loving, punk-rock kind of girl, but still, a girl. As Galloping Cats noted in a comment oh so many moons ago… “i think it’s easier to work on bending gender […]

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Call for Papers: Mothering and Blogging

(Me again with another call for papers) Demeter Press is seeking submissions for the edited collection Mothering and Blogging: Practice and Theory Deadline for Abstracts: March 1, 2007 Publication Date: Spring 2008 Editors: May Friedman, Shana L. Calixte Critical mothering and writing about motherhood have, in the last few years, […]

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“Othering” Lesbian Mothering

This week, I bring you more lesbian legal news from Ontario, Canada. In July of last year, lesbian parents in Ontario won the right to have both women register on a child’s birth document, called the Statement of Live Birth. Before this decision, the non-bio mom was required to adopt […]