The Night Before
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Telling Your Child About Their Anonymous Sperm Donor

I rehearsed many different ways to tell him he was created using a sperm donor we don’t know.

Photo courtesy of Dylan Flunker
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Baby Makes Four: Making Way for a Second Child

In the five stages of grief around no longer being an only child, we’ve primarily been in “denial” and “bargaining,” while dabbling with “acceptance.”

Photo: Robert Shaffron
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Dads – They’re Not Just for Babysitting Anymore

It was a little joke that a dad was so inessential to his child’s day-to-day life that when the kid was in his care, it was as though he was “babysitting.”

Use With Caution
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Think Twice before You Put That Elf on That Shelf

Parents beware! Keeping the magic of the holiday season alive for our kids is exhausting.

Uncle Bryan serves up the best fake martini in these parts
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The Life of a Gay Uncle

Gay uncles often pull out all the stops to care for their nieces and nephews.

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Gay Men Creating Families Through Surrogacy

More than one service provider at the workshop told me that surrogates are specifically requesting to carry babies for gay male couples.

The elusive sleeping babies

Adjusting to Life with Newborn Twins (or Love in the Time of Unwashed Hair)

When they were first born and home from the NICU, I commented to my spouse about how I didn’t think having twins was all that hard. “Just like have a second child,” I remarked. Now, I am calling my own bullshit.

Talking to Kids about Transgender Awareness
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Talking to Kids about Transgender Awareness

It’s Transgender Awareness Week but our conversations with our children can never be summed up in a single week.

Saying Good-bye to Friends
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Saying Good-bye to Friends

And just as I took the last sip of tea and just as I was considering whether I had time to boil more water for a top up, Levi ran into the kitchen, his eyes wide and hands covered in dirt.


Marriage Equality Comes to North Carolina

We went to a BBQ, saw some old friends, watched a HUGE bonfire and became legally married in our home state 10 years, 4 months and 19 days after we were married in Massachusetts.