Yet Another Twist in the Two Uteri Saga

I feel like I’m a woefully late guest to the two uteri family conversation, but that topic is at times, so hard for me to wrap my head around that I needed a little extra time to put my thoughts together. They still may not come out in the coherent, […]

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What Will Boys Be?

In all my fantasies of having a child, I always imagined having a girl. A feisty, spunky, worm-loving, mud-puddle-hopping, pink-disdaining, peace-loving, punk-rock kind of girl, but still, a girl. As Galloping Cats noted in a comment oh so many moons ago… “i think it’s easier to work on bending gender […]


Have two, use none

Trista’s recent post about negotiating childbearing in a 2-uterus family reminded me so much of many of the conversations my wife, NSG, and I had the first few years we were together. Like Trista and Kristin, NSG and I wanted to adopt. And like Kristin, I really wanted to get […]

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Weekend Reading: Emotions, complexity, and the 2 uteri family

I really need to ask myself why all my posts over here have my inability to perform up to my expectations and follow-through with my stated intentions as a primary theme.  It could be that I’m here to write about parenting and family creation and my path to parenting and […]

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Call for Papers: Mothering and Blogging

(Me again with another call for papers) Demeter Press is seeking submissions for the edited collection Mothering and Blogging: Practice and Theory Deadline for Abstracts: March 1, 2007 Publication Date: Spring 2008 Editors: May Friedman, Shana L. Calixte Critical mothering and writing about motherhood have, in the last few years, […]

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“Othering” Lesbian Mothering

This week, I bring you more lesbian legal news from Ontario, Canada. In July of last year, lesbian parents in Ontario won the right to have both women register on a child’s birth document, called the Statement of Live Birth. Before this decision, the non-bio mom was required to adopt […]


Get Involved

I know that the first few weeks of January, for many people, are filled with attempts to keep to new years resolutions. Whether that be getting to they gym, spending more time with your family, eating better, or watching less tv, I think I know one resolution that many of […]

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A Belated Introduction

Did anyone else have days of the week underwear growing up? Every year I buy my partner-lover-sweetheart-wife dishtowels. One year I bought her days of the week dish towels. She has a thing about dish towels. I felt like the stereotypical bad husband, buying my wife dishtowels for Hanukkah Christmas […]



Things are a changin’ in the online lesbian family (and friends) world. First, a big welcome to baby Mia! HD went into labour on the 25th, and baby arrived on the 26th! Go see pictures, she’s super cute! Congrats to Gretch and Jen (of Butterbeans and Baby Dreams) and Carey […]

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We Could All Go to Belgium

A couple of weeks ago, I got an interesting note from a Belgian blogger with a facinating statistic: More than 50% of the adoptions in Flanders (part of Belgium) were by same-sex couples! They theorize that this number will drop off once couples with older children “catch up” on legalizing […]