Yet Another Twist in the Two Uteri Saga

I feel like I’m a woefully late guest to the two uteri family conversation, but that topic is at times, so hard for me to wrap my head around that I needed a little extra time to put my thoughts together. They still may not come out in the coherent, […]

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What Will Boys Be?

In all my fantasies of having a child, I always imagined having a girl. A feisty, spunky, worm-loving, mud-puddle-hopping, pink-disdaining, peace-loving, punk-rock kind of girl, but still, a girl. As Galloping Cats noted in a comment oh so many moons ago… “i think it’s easier to work on bending gender […]


Have two, use none

Trista’s recent post about negotiating childbearing in a 2-uterus family reminded me so much of many of the conversations my wife, NSG, and I had the first few years we were together. Like Trista and Kristin, NSG and I wanted to adopt. And like Kristin, I really wanted to get […]

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Weekend Reading: Emotions, complexity, and the 2 uteri family

I really need to ask myself why all my posts over here have my inability to perform up to my expectations and follow-through with my stated intentions as a primary theme.  It could be that I’m here to write about parenting and family creation and my path to parenting and […]

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A Belated Introduction

Did anyone else have days of the week underwear growing up? Every year I buy my partner-lover-sweetheart-wife dishtowels. One year I bought her days of the week dish towels. She has a thing about dish towels. I felt like the stereotypical bad husband, buying my wife dishtowels for Hanukkah Christmas […]

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We Could All Go to Belgium

A couple of weeks ago, I got an interesting note from a Belgian blogger with a facinating statistic: More than 50% of the adoptions in Flanders (part of Belgium) were by same-sex couples! They theorize that this number will drop off once couples with older children “catch up” on legalizing […]

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Expanding Your Family of Two

The thing about being a “family of two” is this little fact, more eloquently expressed by Marcus, a twelve year old who is the main character in Nick Hornby’s novel, “About a boy.” After living through his mother’s failed suicide attempt, Marcus laments the fact that his family is only […]

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First Steps…..On Family:

Webster’s Dictionary lists over 15 definitions for the word “family.”  My favorites are the following: 9. a group of related things or people 10. a group of people who are generally not blood relations but who share common attitudes, interests, or goals and, frequently, live together   While some of […]

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Announcement and Brief Update

Announcement! Tomorrow, Monday November 13, the 2006 Weblog Awards open for nominations! Mombian, Lesbian Dad and I have been discussing this for a few weeks, and we hope you’ll agree with our thought that it is time for us to REPRESENT in the parenting blog category! If each one of […]