Question: Am I Just Stingy?

While I would have liked to herald my return to writing for Lesbian with a deeply heartfelt, moving piece, I’m still just too tired for that.  So instead I’ll ask a question. Would you use a coupon on a first date? This question was asked on queercents this week […]


Writing Beyond the Blogosphere

This is mostly to those of you with blogs of your own. But of course, open to all. I know that some of you are writers, some of you are serious about being writers, and some of you would be serious about being writers if you weren’t afraid that admitting […]


Weekend Reading: That One Time I Committed Suicide

Buying a house was one of the first things Kristin and I did when we decided that we were almost ready to start a family.  And, after months of searching, we found a house that was perfect.  Perfect.  Only… well, there was only one bathroom.  And the kitchen was terrible and […]

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And With the Girls be Handy

As the snow comes down, and I’ve planned another warm, cozy Valentine’s Day evening with my love I can’t help but think about relationships, and recognition and marriage. And I think of numbers. The number 1, for example. There is one state in the entire country in which I reside […]

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A Starry Coverlet of Velvet Possibility

Someone suggested to me that I write this week on trying to have a sex life with my partner while raising a toddler. I think she thought this would be a hard thing to do. Not the writing about it, goodness knows I can write about sex as long as […]

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Black History Month

Well, I’m a week late, but Happy Black History Month! A former student of mine succinctly sums up my thoughts on the month. She writes, “Black History Month (BHM) became a bore for me a while ago, not just because of the regurgitated Marcus, Malcolm, Martin mantra, but because this […]

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I’m Curious

How do those of you who have two careers and babies/small children manage it? This has been the subject of some recent heated discussion in the art-sweet/pili household and after trying to organize my thoughts on the issue into a coherent post far too many times, I’ve decided to wimp […]

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A few news stories for your reading pleasure (or perhaps displeasure)

I’ve decided to add a news ticker to my life, using keywords like “lesbian” and “parenting”. This week, I received 85 notices that Jen*ifer Anist*n and C*urtney C*x were going to kiss onscreen. How exciting! *rolls eyes* Yet I did come across some interesting news links and offer them up […]

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Weekend Reading: Baby Lust

Sometimes I feel guilty expressing my strong desire for another child. I read so many blogs of people trying for their first baby and think of my own precocious cuddler and I lose my breath at my presumption. How dare I try for another piece of snuggly perfection, don’t I […]

Best.  Word book.  Ever.  Revised & updated.

Best. Word book. Ever. Revised & updated.

[Howdy! I’m new here, and thrilled to join up with the half-dozen or so rockin’ gals jointly contributing to content at Here’s a little bit about me.] Richard Scarry’s Best Word Book Ever delighted my sister and me when we were little, and it’s continuing to see a lot […]