If your blog could or should appear in more than one of the sidebar categories, PLEASE leave a comment or email me at lesbianfamily (at) gmail dot com and let me know in which category or categories I should add your blog.

I know I’m missing people, particularly in the global category. (Global = loose definition = you blog from outside of the US.) I have some of your blogs in expecting or babies or whatever, but not in global. I’ll try to edit and update, but it would be SOOOOO much easier if you tell me where you want to be listed. 🙂

And if you think there are categories I should add, please let me know. If I can find at least 2 blogs for the category, I’ll probably do it.

  1. Hey Liza,

    Sorry for the extra work, but I’ve decided to delete my blog. Lots of reasons, mainly that I can’t keep it up and other unfortunate circumstances. I may start a new one, a bit more private, and I will let you know if I do.

    All the best,

  2. My son probably qualifies my blog as “Little Kids” instead of “Babies,” but we’re currently also TTC #2 (possibly pregnant now even).

    I don’t know if we’re global or not–US family living in Canada.


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