Buenos Aires Family Pride 2012



Last Saturday we celebrated Pride in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our group (lesmadres) met around 5pm at Plaza de Mayo in front of the Pink House (that’s the Government House, like the White House in the US).

As I mentioned in my last post  this year we were mostly celebrating. We all feel gratitude and joy because most families can be legally recognized now and a lot of new families joined us for the Parade and so did (as usual) the folks from 100% Diversidad y Derechos. It was a magnificent Lesbian Family Pride day and it was a great opportunity to meet other families or friends and contacts from social networks. For some of them it was their first time going to Pride and they were super excited.

To move with the strollers and the kids we were helped by Scouts por la Diversidad (aren’t they awesome?!). They formed a human chain surrounding the group. Some of us were holding a very long banner that read “todas las familias con todos los derechos” (all Rights for all Families).

Here’s a slideshow:


Edited to add this video:



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  1. WOW these images are ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE, Julieta (apologies for the all caps, but I just can’t help myself.) There’s something so moving to me, here on another continent, to see these families in the streets of Buenos Aires. Just, wow.

    Also, those Scouts por la Diversitad! They sure ARE awesome!

    Thank you for bringing us these images. I got teary watching the slideshow. “Todas las familias con todos los derechos” indeed. Muchisimas gracias.

  2. Julieta! Absolutely beautiful. One of the things that is amazing to me is how fast some countries are seeing history change. In Chile I was amazed at the progress— but Argentina has well surpassed them. In fact, they have surpassed many states in the US. Congrats to you and everyone there. But mostly to you. I have heard and read your voices since before all these laws were passed. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you and your partner. Besos.

  3. Thanks, Polly! Even though I was there I got teary when I saw the slideshow too! And thank you, Clare, I hear you! It was really fast… It’s amazing how much legal progress and political debate impact on society. To be out today is so much easier than 2 or 3 years ago and planning to become a lesbian mom here is not as crazy an idea as it used to be…

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