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basketball-from mvongrueThere is a common misconception that all lesbians are sports fans.  I’ve never (EVER) fit that  stereotype.  Not that I haven’t tried; I feigned an interest for many a crush, but nothing ever stuck.  I still have zero interest in sports, but my partner’s brothers invite me to participate in their March Madness bracket (mostly as a joke), and each year I go through the motions.

Usually, I don’t get very far before falling way behind, but last year, much to the chagrin of my very competitive brother-in-law, I beat him.  (Though to be fair, my eighteen-month-old son also came out ahead.)  In the spirit of sharing what everyone else seems to think is the most exciting part of the year, here’s my bracket – and the magic behind my picks.

Midwest (aka upper left)

Round of 64 Louisville (1) over No. 16 N.C. A&T (16)
I may not know anything about sports, but I do understand basic statistics …

Colorado State (8) over Missouri (9)
I have a soft spot for the liberal bastian of Denver – especially after the last election.

Oklahoma State (5) over Oregon (12)
Ooooooooooo-klahoma where the basketball goes in the hoop.  That’s how the song goes, right?

Saint Louis (4) over New Mexico State (13)
Meet Me In Saint Louis – perhaps a musical theme will emerge?

Middle Tennessee (11) over Memphis (6)
The Tigers’ early tournament woes will continue against a Blue Raider team that really wants to show the nation it belongs and happens to have the offense and defense to make the case. (Just kidding, I Googled that)

Michigan State (3) over Valparaiso (14)
This really cute butch in my freshman women’s studies class always wore a Michigan Hat.

Cincinnati (10) over Creighton (7)
Fond memories of Thanksgiving dinners in Cinci will give this team it’s edge

Duke (2) over Albany (15)
See above re: statistics

Round of 32

Louisville (1) over Colorado State (8)
I like all the L’s

Saint Louis (4) over Oklahoma State (5)
Oh my – the musicals face-off. My best childhood friend went to college in St. Louis, so gotta go with that.

Michigan State (3) over Middle Tennessee (11)
What the heck is Middle Tennessee?

Duke (2) over Cincinnati (10)
Points for ease of spelling

Sweet 16

Louisville (1) over Saint Louis (4)
Louis vs. Louis! If one is a saint, you know what they say about nice guys finishing last.

Michigan State (3) over Duke (2)
Eeenie-Meenie, Miney, Mo.

Elite Eight

Michigan State (3) over Louisville (1)
This is where the hard analysis comes in – actually, I’m still thinking about that cute butch.  Man could she analyze some Audre Lorde.

I’m afraid you are on your own for the remaining three quadrants.  See you by the chip bowl.

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