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Boston Pride

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It was Pride weekend here in Boston this past weekend. Even though we went last year as a family, our first since having Roozle, this year was different. It was the first big event since the Boston Marathon. Our first time being out as a family in a large crowd. At the beginning I decided to place the victims in my mind, in a little spot. Like setting an intention before yoga class. I held them there all day. It helped me hold back the fear and enjoy the day while also continually holding the victims in the light. Hard stuff.


Roozle quickly distracted us by trying to climb on everything. Then she ate a hummus sandwich using the rainbow flag as a picnic blanket. So perfect.


The parade was awesome, but Roozle was a little bored. Nearing the end, she announced that she had to go to the bathroom and we realized the fastest way to get to the bathrooms was to jump into the parade and march. She loved that. The group we jumped into was awesome and gave us all stickers. Roozle was thrilled. She especially loved everyone waving at her.


On Sunday, we went to the JP Block Party and like a good little QueerSpawn, Roozle had her face painted like a cat, got a rainbow painted on her arm, and bought some new hipster sunglasses at Whole Foods. She then immediately fell asleep on the way home.


Life rules. Even when it’s hard. Even when there is so much brokenness. So much violence. So much hate and homophobia. There’s also so much love. So much support. And so much room for celebration of families like ours. It totally rules. Boston Pride. Boston Strong.


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  1. happy pride! Thunder Bay is getting ready for our first parade ever this Saturday!

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