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Blogs: the solution to weather

tactually Does the polar vortex have you locked inside? Are you in the southern hemisphere experience gut wrenching heat without a powerful enough AC?  VillageQ has the answer:  new blogs to read!  So, snuggle in with your electronic device of choice and enjoy these new listings.  Don’t for get to check out so of our old favorites as well!

  • To Make Fire:  Isa is a queer mom writing about her family, their attempts to expand it, and whatever else seems pertinent.  Her wife is The Silent Partner (TSP) and Babycakes, Cakes for short, is 16 months old.  Since she is so charming and beautiful they have decided to try our luck at making another baby, who will hopefully be every bit as lovely as his/her big sister.  The blog title comes from a Neruda poem.
  • Queerly Trying: She is a queer, married, child and youth counselor, in Toronto, Ontario. Her wife and she spent some time trying to conceive, with a variety of adventures. They then lost their son at 22 weeks of pregnancy. They’re navigating.
  • Love is Love Photography Blog: Marcia is a photojournalist, mother and human rights and queer ally. She captures off the cuff emotions and vivid expressions documenting stories for today’s modern family.  Enjoy the beautiful families on her site!
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