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I am not being a lazy blogger, because all this linking takes a ridiculous amount of time.

I have been trawling the lesbian internets for you all and am discovering all sorts of new blogs and blogs with exciting news to share. So check these folks out, and tell them that LF sent you!

And if you don’t want your blog listed or feel that you’re in the wrong category, please let us know!

Campbell New in TTC

Andre Xavier Mommies and Sister

Baby Blueprint

Back in the Game

Heretical Hedonism

Highway TTC


It’s Taking a Village

Just Keep Swimming

Makin’ Babies

RaJen Creation

Rhonda n’ Dre’s Journey

Journey to Baby Franklin

Starting This Life

We Wanna Baby

Weeble Wobble

We are Fambly

order Clomiphene online cheap Moving From TTC to Expecting (yippee!)
A New Family

Family O

And New to LF and the Expecting category are…

As the Pig Flies

Chipping Away

Diary of a Baby Wantin’ Woman

3 Dogs, 2 Moms, 1 Baby

Homestead Mom (Also has a little one!)

Immaculate Conception

Infertile Pediatrican

Uterus X2 (One is pregnant and one is TTC. I am in awe of you ladies.)

From Expecting to Babies!

Babycakes is in labor! Almost there Welcome Finn!
Two Girls in Love

Maverick Mama

Panning for Gold

Queer in the Head

New to the Babies and Kids categories (yes, getting lazy here)

Barb’s Blog

3 Kids, 4 Dogs, and 1 Cat Later

Mama and Mommy

Mom and Nana

Mommy, Mama and Cubs

Dodging Boogers

Twins and a Toddler

Two Busy Lesbian Moms

And Finally…
As we all know, there’s nothing easy about the process of becoming the mom. Unfortunately soulbliss learned that firsthand – she had a miscarriage and is back on the TTC train. Please go and give her some internet love.

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  1. Lovely list. Feel free to check out my TTC blog at

  2. Always love to read more two mom blogs. Ours is at

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