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As a (former) student of the liberal arts, one of the constant phrases in my vocabulary is, “I have a theory about that….”

Recently, I’ve had a couple of online conversations with other lesbian family bloggers, and it’s come up that several of us attended women’s colleges. So now I’m curious — are we over represented in this corner of the blogosphere? (My theory says yes.) If so, how overrepresented are we?

If you are an alumna of a women’s college and a lesbian family blogger, leave a comment with your alma mater (if you’re comfortable doing so). (If you want to be counted but not outed wrt your alma mater, you can send a message to me at lesbianfamily (at) gmail dot com and I’ll comment with a tally.)

Just to start things off, Mombian and Abigail of Damn Straight went to Wellesley, and both the Mesdames Scoutgjee and I went to Smith.

  1. Another Smith alum! I think everything they say about women’s colleges is – heh – true.

  2. I’m a Smithie, too. Heh!

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