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Hello Readers —

I’m “back” from BlogHer07, which was awesome, and has me full of ideas, and interested in your ideas as well.

Here are a few things I’m thinking about:

  • Adding a “Butch Bloggers” category. (And if you want to be listed, please leave a comment saying so!)
  • Adding ads, as much as a visibility strategy as for the possibility of income from it.
  • Adding additional authors — if you are interested, shoot me an email at lesbianfamily (at) gmail (dot) com.
  • Reorganizing the resources section
  • Adding weekly features

What do you think? What would you like to see more of? Less of? Revisions of?

  1. The only suggestion I have is perhaps a category where bloggers can split themselves up by country. As a dyke from Canada, it’s nice to be able to find the blogs that talk about what it’s like to be a dyke in Canada, which can sometimes be quite a different experience from the States. But everything here makes me happy already, and I’m conscious of how much time it must take you and others to keep it so – so kudos!

  2. Thanks, Shereen!

    Right now we do have the “global families” category, but maybe that isn’t intuitive. I think most of the bloggers are either Canadian or Aussies, maybe when I’m doing the revisions I’ll divide up the page. 🙂

  3. Maybe move the adoption list into “parenting by type” instead of the “journey there” (or leave it in both?). Several of the blogs listed in adoption are addressing adoption parenting, not the pre-parenting stage of adoption.

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