Biweekly question: LGBT friendly books?

buy modafinil online with prescription I have to fess up that I have been miserable at trying to contribute to this site. Perhaps I could blame stressful job and stressful change of job and, most recently, unemployment (okay, admittedly, I do not have the stresses that many of you do while unemployed, so I will not complain). Perhaps I could blame the fact that I simply have not found more lesbian mom sites in other languages that most of you can’t read. Perhaps I can blame the fact that I haven’t gotten to many lesbian mom related questions from Hispanic women recently– I think that Julieta has long since taken over the category of go-to-person. That said, I won’t. I will just say I have been lazy and not sure what to write about. That, however, is coming to an end.

Since I still don’t know what to write about I thought of Liza’s suggestions post Blogher 2007. On my own blog I have had some success with weekly and biweekly features like weekly picture or posting as part of a topic community. Also, I was thinking that interaction is part of what makes LesbianFamily such a great site. Therefore, I am going to do I pilot run of a project I call “biweekly question”. This will be my space to pose a question for you, the esteemed reader who knows much more than I, to answer. (Keep in mind, if no one answers this will not work and I will dejectedly go back to writing on my blog— Is that a guilt trip or what?) To tag along with Mombian’s recent question about LGBT Children’s books in Spanish, I thought the first question should be:

What is your child’s/ or your favorite LGBT friendly book and why?

Feel free to answer either 1) in the comments or 2) on your own blog and then put a link to it in the comments. Thanks everybody!

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  1. Our daughter’s faves are King and King, and The Sissy Duckling. She’s short on vocalized reasons why – she just likes them, is what she says. As a recently adopted 6 year-old to lesbo mums, my guess would be that she’s drawn to stories of ‘alternative’ families. She’s commented a couple of times recently that when she thought about being adopted, she had thought she would have a mother and father. She doesn’t say it with judgement, or sadness; more with observation. But she’s definitely trying to figure it all out.

  2. We have King and King, too, but my kids (ages 2 & 7) like And Tango Makes Three best. The little one likes Bedtime for Baby Teddy, too, but that one’s out of print, I think.

    I think the 7 y/o might like Tango because it’s a true story. When I asked, he said he didn’t know why. The 2 y/o probably just likes the pictures of the penguins.

  3. ABC: A Family Alphabet Book. My daughter is 19 months old and she loves the illustrations.

  4. We have that alphabet book, too, and a numbers book by the same author. My toddler loves them, too.

  5. Felicia’s Favorite Story, by Leslea Newman. My girl likes it b/c of the combo of the adoption story and the two moms. WHen she was younger, she loved Bobbie Combs’ (I think that’s the author) rainbow counting book, which has some cool illustrations.

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