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Why Beyoncé Is Successful and You’re Not

buy ivermectin in uk The keys that unlock the mysteries of the universe can be found in the most remarkable of places. For example, I recently discovered the secret to success in a 3-minute security video starring Solange, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, and a good amount of in-law abuse.

Has everyone seen the video? Just in case you haven’t, click here.

I suppose some might find it boring. For a junkie like me, it’s pop culture crack. But while it has the appearance of being nothing more than the inane distraction of the day, upon closer scrutiny it reveals itself to be a holy grail of sorts. A grainy, silent movie screaming words of behavioral wisdom if only we’ll listen. Within that video lies everything you always wanted to know about success but were afraid to ask.

Watch, study, listen, and learn from Beyoncé’s behavior on that fateful elevator. Does she partake in the attack? Nope. Does she move to protect her husband? Not really. Does she respond in any way to the craziness happening literally under her nose? Not much. And this isn’t just any craziness. It’s family craziness. It’s your sister attacking your husband craziness. And yet, the Queen of all B’s barely responds. Mostly she behaves as if they aren’t even there.

Yes, she occasionally steps forward, half-heartedly positioning herself between her sister and her husband. But she seems less like someone trying to diffuse a situation than a stoned person accidentally wandering into a minefield. And yes, she does stoop down to pick up Solange’s purse, which she had dropped during one of her more spectacular outbursts, but even that seems more designed to save the purse than the husband. Throughout most of the video, Beyoncé just stands there. It’s a side of the superstar we’ve never seen before and will likely never see again: her determined will to fade into the background.

She moves not one solitary muscle. Not a hand to her sister. Barely a word to her husband. Completely and utterly removed. She remains not just calm, but not present. It’s borderline sociopathic.

This, I believe, is the key her success. To be clear, she is a powerhouse of a talent. And spectacularly gorgeous to boot. I do wish she’d stop oiling up, dressing down and writhing around quite so much while her husband parades around fully clad in a tux, but maybe that’s just the personal taste of a middle-aged, suburban gay. No, she’s remarkable. But let’s be honest, while she’s not quite a dime a dozen, we all know someone with remarkable gifts who’s currently working at a Macy’s. What’s the difference? Why does one become a superstar while the other is busy checking to see if you can get another 15% off on that duvet cover?

Success is more than talent. It’s about blinders; tunnel vision. It’s about the ability to see and do nothing beyond your own success. It’s about the impulse to save yourself while others around you are drowning. It’s about not messing up your hair when you’re trapped on an elevator with a crazy woman. It’s about understanding that to lose a lash is to end a career. It’s about knowing that if your sister decides to try and kill your husband you’ll let the bodyguard take care of it because there is no way in hell you are going to smudge your lipstick.

Tell the truth, when you’re having problems at home, it affects your work. When you’re feeling under the weather, it affects your work. When you have to put your dog down, it affects your work. Not Beyoncé. She teaches us that success is reserved for the robotic.

When they exit that elevator Solange looks pissed. Jay-Z looks shell-shocked. Beyoncé smiles for the cameras as she always does. Looking flawless and not betraying for a single moment that her sister just Real Housewive’d her husband.


So the next time you’re feeling tired. Not quite up for that presentation. Not in top form for that interview. You remember what Lady Bey taught you and you pull your shit together. You make sure your outfit is perfect, you throw on those blinders, and you let nothing stand in the way of your dreams.


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