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Hello again friends and queers of the village! It’s Vlog Time. During this compelling episode of Vikki’s Stream of Consciousness*, I talk about the kids going back to school and offer some tips about pre-teen boys and their hair.

The family picture accompanying this post was taken today as we said goodbye to our preteen boy as he left on his school trip. We won’t see him for fifteen days.

I also just noticed that Luisa is wearing a Lesbian Dad shirt made by our own Editor in Chief, Polly! I assume Polly will pay us for this product placement.

Now…let’s watch a vlog!


*Brings an entirely different meaning to “Live Streaming”. Wait – is that how that originated?

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  1. First off, my my Luisa looks sportin-fine in that t-shirt! I would *love* to pay you for the product placement! Come on out here & I’ll cook you-all a memorable meal. You can watch our kids still playing with your kids’ old wooden train set they generously bequeathed, and feel nostalgic for the old train set days.

    Second off: Katie bar the door to the bathroom! I am duly chastened. Our older kid is less likely to be interested in product, but our younger: for SURE. Once he begins to navigate the internet on his own (over my concussioned body, BTW), I fear he’ll find this and get many bright ideas. Not before me, though! Now off to buy a padlock for the bathroom supply cabinet.

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