Baby Fever


Alfeld Dylan and Little Bear

buy Ivermectin scabies online I have something important to tell you all. I’m here, I’m queer, and I have serious baby fever. Like, if you have an infant and show even the slightest hint that you want someone to hold your kid for a second, I will gladly snuggle that baby for you. It’s so extreme that I’ve spent an embarrassingly long time looking at infant clothing in stores even though we have multiple plastic tubs of Little Bear’s infant clothes in our basement.

Now that Little Bear is two and a half, talking in mostly full sentences and sleeping through the night in her own bed occasionally, my desire to have another kid has increased exponentially. From a pragmatic point of view, it makes sense to try and have another kid sooner rather than later so we don’t get used to sleeping through the night again. And since Little Bear isn’t potty trained yet the diaper changing and washing routine is still pretty well integrated into our lives. Once you’ve changed over a thousand diapers, why stop? I’m on a roll and ready to change another thousand. I’m fully prepared for my partner to bring up this blog post if we do have another kid and I tell her it’s her turn to change the diaper.

In an earlier VillageQ post, 5 Thing You Should Know About Trans Parenthood, I mentioned not really wanting to be a parent until after I had transitioned. This recent onset of extreme baby fever has made me reflect on this more than usual. Before I had the self-awareness of being trans, even when I was out as lesbian/bisexual, I was pretty certain I didn’t want to have kids. It was only after I realized I could be a dad that I wanted to be one. I am again struck by how having my gender seen, recognized, and validated has so completely changed my life for the better and opened up paths that I never though to look for when I was younger.

But enough of the touchy feely business  about my gender and how I like being a dad. Bring me all the babies to snuggle while I go look at all of my kid’s baby photos.


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  1. Totally in the baby-fever club with ya. Our kids are 4 and almost 6 though and they’ll likely be closer to 8 and 10 before we add another kid to the family just because of my school. I think I’m gonna lose my mind before then.

    • I am so glad I am not alone. We can be strong together! And commit to not secretly acquiring more adorable kid things until we actually need them. Though that might be more my problem than anyone else’s.

      • Nope, totally not just you, or your problem. Although for me I think the bigger issue is, we have limited storage space yet I can’t get rid of any baby stuff JUST IN CASE!

  2. Love this piece. I would give you my baby to snuggle… but somehow she just turned three! I remember my Dad begging me to stop growing my whole childhood– it get that now.

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