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buy Ivermectin for humans Polly has been blogging about her experience as a lesbian parent since 2006, at Lesbian Dad, which has been recognized with awards from the Weblog Awards, the Bloggies,, Red Tricycle, Circle of Moms, and Babble. She lives with her partner and their two elementary school-aged children in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she works for her regional LGBT family org. On Twitter, she's @LesbianDad.

It’s a Cheney!
News & Politics

It’s a Cheney!

Eeek! What’s wrong with this picture? Right! No parents! More on the the Mary n’ Heather baby news, along with the ACTUAL official White House photo of the proud kin, from Pam Spaulding at the Blend and her berth at Pandagon. The Family Pride Blog has a piece on it, […]

Known donor bonuses
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Known donor bonuses

[A shorter version of this piece is cross-posted over at LesbianDad.] It was bedtime, and I thought I was going to have to mount a lengthy campaign to extirpate the lil’ monkey from her downstairs cousins’ room (we live upstairs from my partner’s brother and his family). Daily she ransacks […]


Don’t know nothin’ ’bout biology

Okay so the fifties doo-wop tune actually said “geography,” rather than “biology.” But it gets us started. Today I wanted to draw your attention to a great, pithy post by Trista, one of the contributors to this forum. Her piece, Advice to Bio Moms, is a great catalyst for thought […]


Some Blogging 101 notes, copied from my neighbor

Usually we talk here about our families: the many ways we bring them together and shepherd them, the joys we experience and the challenges we face along the way. But today I want to share some thoughts about the medium, rather than the message. Some of the tips I paste […]

Best.  Word book.  Ever.  Revised & updated.

Best. Word book. Ever. Revised & updated.

[Howdy! I’m new here, and thrilled to join up with the half-dozen or so rockin’ gals jointly contributing to content at Here’s a little bit about me.] Richard Scarry’s Best Word Book Ever delighted my sister and me when we were little, and it’s continuing to see a lot […]