Articles written by: Pamela Booker

Bang Lamung Pamela Booker is a writer, visual artist and educator. Her interdisciplinary works have been published, exhibited and staged in the United States, and internationally in Europe and Asia. Her play SEENS From the Unexpectedness of Love, will be published by Duke University Press in Black/tino: Anthology of Queer Performance (Fall 2015) and her photography was recently seen in the exhibition For Whom it Stands, TOO, at the Star-Spangled Banner Flag Museum in Baltimore. She is completing her first novel, Fierce! Remains, the fictional biography of a legendary drag queen. Currently, she is Writing Faculty in undergraduate programs at Goddard College and NYU, and enjoys having savory, sustainable, green conversations on her blog-site Greens 4 Squares.

Book Reviews: Stories and Lives that Matter
Books / Culture

Book Reviews: Stories and Lives that Matter

A review of three books: The Twelve Tribes, We The Animals and Brown Girl Dreaming

Earth Day: Gay and Green
News & Politics

Earth Day: Gay and Green

Queer folks have emboldened the advocacy that drives a visible, “out loud,” global-green movement.

News & Politics

And Our Children Will Lead Us – Y Nuestros Hijos Nos Llevará

Central to the agonizing status issues that shadow Cynthia Diaz’s family, is the very notion of what is family, who gets to define it, and how or if those terms are negotiated justly, when LGBTQ identity raises the stakes?

Culture / Music

Sex Talk and F-Bombs

F-Bombs for Feminism, a spirited, activist-inspired video, produced by, owes its visual strength and hard-hitting, social messaging, to the legacy of Salt-n-Pepa, Latifah, along with a list of early feminist rappers, but with a witty twist.


Luis Alves: Collage, Celebrity, and Social Architecture

Luis Alves uses collage to represent social architecture and obsession with celebrity, fashion, and material consumption in SOJAX exhibition, “The Final Cut.”