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Levi Sable is the stay-at-home-dad of Jetpack, whose (highly appropriate) nickname was coined while he was bean-sized. Levi’s home base is Queer Dads Blog, where he rants about how precocious his kid is, gender, sexuality, and (very occasionally) politics. In his copious spare time, he is a speculative fiction writer, a full-time caregiver to his adult disabled sister, and a gardener. Levi Sable lives in a small house in Madison, Wisconsin, with his partner, small child, sister, three cats, dog, and two ferrets.

A 4-year-old bouqet: black-eyed susans, tomatillos, and the pod from milkweed seeds.
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The Unfiltered Prekindergardener

Strangers look at Jetpack in wonder as he rocket-launches through life. “How old are you?” “I’m four! I’ll be five before you know it.” They look at me with a knowing smile. “Four is my favorite age. Enjoy it!” The statement confuses me. Four is similar to three, except that […]

Labels Belong On The Tags Of Camp Clothes; Identites Don’t
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Labels Belong On The Tags Of Camp Clothes; Identites Don’t

Meet Levi Sable, yet another of the new contributors populating VillageQ. You might know him from Queer Dads Blog: and if you don’t, you’ll want to go back there and have a look around. He’ll be posting here monthly, and we’re thrilled about it! ~ VQ Eds Queer—trans—bisexual—poly—white. I am […]