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Julieta started blogging circa 2006 as the “lesbian blogger extraordinaire.” Blogrolls lead to an online community of lesbian moms and lesbian moms to be in Argentina that later became Lesmadres, a NGO dedicated to political action and community work for lesbian mothers and lesbian moms to be. Julieta teaches advanced mathematics at the National University of Entre Ríos and is also a Taekwondo instructor. She currently lives with her wife Luján, in Santa Fe, Argentina.

Buenos Aires Family Pride 2012

Buenos Aires Family Pride 2012

  Last Saturday we celebrated Pride in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our group (lesmadres) met around 5pm at Plaza de Mayo in front of the Pink House (that’s the Government House, like the White House in the US). As I mentioned in my last post  this year we were mostly celebrating. […]

Getting ready for Pride in Argentina
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Getting ready for Pride in Argentina

My favourite time of the year is coming! Next Saturday LBGT Pride is coming to Buenos Aires. We celebrate it in November (since 1992) because it’s the anniversary of the creation of “Nuestro Mundo”, the first LBGT organization in Argentina. My partner and I will travel for five hours to […]


¡Hola LesbianFamily! Greetings From Julieta

Hi, all! I’m Julieta! I’m a 30 year-old Developer from Argentina. I attained an M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics this year. I have a variety of interests including reading, scuba diving, soccer, astronomy, trying to build electronic devices and grabbing my bicycle and going on a trip whenever I feel like it. […]