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Way to go Maine!!

Lesbian Couple Victorious in Court : Earlier today the Maine Supreme Judicial Court ruled that a lesbian couple should be able to adopt two siblings. From an email from Equality Maine’s executive Director, Betsy Smith: “As many of you know, today’s ruling marks the first time in Maine history that a same-sex […]

Family / Family-building

Must be funny, in a rich man’s world

As a family of two things are pretty great for us right now. We both work and make enough money to pay our bills, drive a safe vehicle, eat out occasionally (ok, more than that but we’re working on it) and pretty much do as we please. There isn’t often […]

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A Different Kind of Proud Parent

I’ve written about getting more involved in my local queer community here before, and last night I got to experience something new in that arena.  Last night I attended my first PFLAG meeting.  Upon meeting all the lovely folks at the meeting, my first thought was (even though she is […]

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As the Jewish holiday of Purim (Think Halloween crossed with Mardi Gras, with a little St. Patricks Day thrown in for good measure, but unique all on it’s own) passes us by, I’m left thinking a lot about religion, and how the decisions we make about it now will affect […]

Family / Family-building

On Stress…

Lately, stress, and inter-couple stress while TTC seems to be a topic of conversation that’s running rampant through the queer parents blogosphere. I’ve read of some break-ups, some really rough arguments and many tearful breakdowns. I must confess though. S and I have had next to NO TTC (or otherwise) […]

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And With the Girls be Handy

As the snow comes down, and I’ve planned another warm, cozy Valentine’s Day evening with my love I can’t help but think about relationships, and recognition and marriage. And I think of numbers. The number 1, for example. There is one state in the entire country in which I reside […]

Family / Family-building

Even though we ‘aint got money…

Recently, it’s been hard for me to concentrate about anything except money, and finances, and our future. So instead of writing about something “new,” I’m going to let you in on some of the things that have been keeping me up at night. Now, I’m not a stranger to being […]

Family / Family-building

Building Castles in the Sky

I thought I’d take a moment and talk about something a little different today. Usually, when I write about families, or TTC, I’m writing not only about our trials on the journey, but our hopes of raising a little one, and experiencing all that comes along with that.  But right […]


Yet Another Twist in the Two Uteri Saga

I feel like I’m a woefully late guest to the two uteri family conversation, but that topic is at times, so hard for me to wrap my head around that I needed a little extra time to put my thoughts together. They still may not come out in the coherent, […]


Get Involved

I know that the first few weeks of January, for many people, are filled with attempts to keep to new years resolutions. Whether that be getting to they gym, spending more time with your family, eating better, or watching less tv, I think I know one resolution that many of […]