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Clare started blogging in 2004 when she realized that no one read those long rambling emails she wrote as a Peace Corps volunteer in Moldova. Somehow no one reading words in the vacuum of cyberspace felt much safer than people ignoring direct messages. She blogs at Musings from inside, outside, and underneath about living overseas (Chile, Cambodia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Thailand, and Albania (current home), her daughter (aka Little Elephant), food, and generally anything else that crosses her mind. Opinions expressed are solely her own and do not express the views or opinions of her employer

Photo Credit: Kristi
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VillageQ Community: LGBT in Albania

Life as a gay couple in Albania is not easy– but with the support of family and friends it is not impossible.

Here’s is a picture of the whole family given to them by their Au Pair

VillageQ Community: A Note from Hamburg

Meet Alexandra and her family who live in Hamburg, Germany.

The first one is the four of us on our wedding day, Me, Ryleigh, Connor, and Laura.  Photo credit Jessica Brown of Artisan Events NW.
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VillageQ Community: Meet Michelle

Meet Michelle and her family who live in Pueblo, Colorado.


The VillageQ Community

The directory is growing and we want more in-depth interviews with our whole community of readers and bloggers.

Support the LGBT Community of Kyrgyzstan
News & Politics

Support the LGBT Community of Kyrgyzstan

Legislation will prohibit advocacy, public depictions of LGBT individuals, and make daily life for the Kyrgyz LGBT community even more difficult.

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Queer Families Beyond Western Borders

I have been more aware of how LGBT people are represented and, more importantly, how they are not.

Photo Credit: Clare Masson

DIY: Curlicue Art

Sometimes when parenting, it is hard to see the whole forest when looking at the growing twig that is your kid. In other words, it is hard to step back and just enjoy the totality of that kid’s personality when there are everyday arguments that need to be fought (please […]

Protective Instincts
Family / Parenting

Protective Instincts

An incident on an airplane leads to questions about balancing what we know intellectually and our instincts to protect our children.

Make A Sunshine Cake

Make A Sunshine Cake

I am in awe of mothers and fathers who can hold a job, make homemade yogurt, and plan and execute a perfectly themed birthday party. I’m just not that creative and every theme that comes to mind seems overdone or overwhelming. But I made a sunshine cake and you can too.

New Additions: Proof That Families Come in Every Shape and Size
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New Additions: Proof That Families Come in Every Shape and Size

Just when you think you have reached the end of the internet, a whole new batch of blogs for the VillageQ directory pops up! I love seeing the snippets of people’s lives. Whether I visit once or keep going back, our growing repository of blogs is proof that families come […]