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Weekend Reading: That One Time I Committed Suicide

Buying a house was one of the first things Kristin and I did when we decided that we were almost ready to start a family. However, trust me, when I say this, it was quite an arduous task to do! Let me tell all my readers beforehand that if you […]

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Non-bio Mothers in Utah Beware

The Utah Supreme Court handed down their opinion on Jones v. Barlow today. The case involves Keri Jones and Cheryl Barlow.  The two women conceived a child via a.i. and then when the child was 2, their relationship ended.  Barlow now claims that she is no longer gay and doesn’t want her child exposed […]

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A Starry Coverlet of Velvet Possibility

Someone suggested to me that I write this week on trying to have a sex life with my partner while raising a toddler. I think she thought this would be a hard thing to do. Not the writing about it, goodness knows I can write about sex as long as […]

Group for Utah LGBTQ parents
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Group for Utah LGBTQ parents

Ok, it’s not my day to post… but I’m just going to sneak in here and leave this little announcement. I’ve taken over coordinating the Gay and Lesbian Parents of Utah.  It’s a social and support group for LGBTQ parents in, you guessed it, Utah.  I’ve started a yahoo group […]

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Weekend Reading: Baby Lust

Sometimes I feel guilty expressing my strong desire for another child. I read so many blogs of people trying for their first baby and think of my own precocious cuddler and I lose my breath at my presumption. How dare I try for another piece of snuggly perfection, don’t I […]

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Weekend Reading: Emotions, complexity, and the 2 uteri family

I really need to ask myself why all my posts over here have my inability to perform up to my expectations and follow-through with my stated intentions as a primary theme.  It could be that I’m here to write about parenting and family creation and my path to parenting and […]

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Weekend Reading: The Absent Edition

If Blue Ox can report from space, you’d think that I could manage a post with a toddler-leech who keeps poking me in the eye to let me know that I do, indeed, have an eye.  You know, just in case I forgot. But I can’t.  I’ve been working one-handed for an […]

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Good Intentions

I meant to post my first Weekend Reading round-up-like-thingie post this Saturday. Unfortunately, things came up. This is a hard season to try an add something new to your schedule. I promise, though, soon soon I will get it going. In the meantime, nothing stopping you from clicking around the […]

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Living in a Class Bubble

I spent several hours composing a letter to Heather Poe.  As I wrote it I got angrier and angrier (not at Heather Poe per se, but at the entire situation) and by the time it was finished I was fuming.  I asked Kristin to read the letter before I posted […]

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Deep Breath… and… PLUNGE! (take two)

I had the most fantastic introductory post written.  Really, it was a thing of beauty.  It started off with the sentences: “In June 2005, I was unemployed, overly isolated, incredibly depressed, and expecting a child with my partner, Kristin.  I’d been these things for quite a while as we had […]