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Worst Parenting Choice So Far

I really messed up as a parent this Christmas. No, it wasn’t in the gift department.  Sassafras loved all her gifts.  And I don’t even consider the fact that she ate only jelly for breakfast, only gummy lifesavers for lunch, and had a less than 40 minute nap as messing up. […]

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It was always the same series of questions: how did you get pregnant? Who is your donor? What is the baby going to call you? We developed easy, quick answers to the first two, but that last one was a doozie for quite a while. We just flat-out cialis soft […]

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Breaking up is hard to do

I’ve been thinking hard about the guest post a few days ago that talked about how the blogs listed here serve as role models for people trying to find their way through queer family making. I agree with that whole heartedly as I, too, have used the Buy Kamagra Cheap […]

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Don’t Forget!

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Link Work

It’s been a while since we really paid attention to our links here.  Funny how people get pregnant, babies get born, kids grow older all while we’re sitting here twiddling our thumbs and, I don’t know, living our lives. I just spent some time going through our link pages adding […]

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Weekend Reading: Four the Pleasure of It *Edited AGAIN*

I have been sadly and inexcusably absent from here for too long.  And while I’d like to make this my big comeback, the post to make all the silences worth it… this isn’t it.  I have no achingly beautiful or deeply thoughtful words for you. What I do want to […]

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Weekend Reading: More on Non-Bio Momhood

Following up on Lesbian Dad’s post Friday, I wanted to point out some other bloggers who have been talking about how it feels when you consider yourself a mother, but it’s your partner that’s pregnant or the one who gave birth. Sarah at Journey of a Co-Mom de-briefs us on […]

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Children of the Future

This is a tag-team post by j (her “voice” in italics) and Trista. When I was a teenager, just beginning to come out to myself, I bought a book of lesbian short stories.  In the collection was the story “When it Changed” by Joanna Russ.  This story blew me away.  It encapsulated […]

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This makes me sick. Parrott’s ruling ordered Emma Rose to be returned to Deborah Schultz within 10 days, or be declared a “deprived child” and turned over the Georgia Department of Family & Children Services. Hadaway and Shultz met at a truck stop in Jeffersonville, Ga., on Jan. 12, 2007, […]


Question: Am I Just Stingy?

While I would have liked to herald my return to writing for Lesbian with a deeply heartfelt, moving piece, I’m still just too tired for that.  So instead I’ll ask a question. Would you use a coupon on a first date? This question was asked on queercents this week […]