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Lurasidone for dogs Alan Shannon has written for a variety of publications, including Chicago Tribune and Sun-Times publications, Chicago’s Windy City Times, Viva, AAA Living, and several others. He prefers to write about food and travel, but for the the right price will write about anything. His favorite meal – other than his last one – was dinner with his husband and family at the tiny and traditional Corte Sconta in Venice.


Lesbian Wedding Clothing?

Hello All — This request came in to a week ago, but I’ve been too crazed to post it. I think the project is wonderful and I’m totally participating. I hope you will too! — I’m carrying out some research for a book to be published in 2008 by […]


Writing Beyond the Blogosphere

This is mostly to those of you with blogs of your own. But of course, open to all. I know that some of you are writers, some of you are serious about being writers, and some of you would be serious about being writers if you weren’t afraid that admitting […]


And the Winner Was…

Perez Hilton. That’s who won the 2007 Bloggie for Best GLBT Blog. I’m not sufficiently detached to claim that I’m not disappointed at all, but I have to admit, I’m not surprised. And I’m not very disappointed. Calling it “apples to oranges” doesn’t even convey it. Maybe grilled cheese sandwiches […]


Interview at

Paula at Coaching4Lesbians interviewed me recently, and posted the interview today. If you’re curious about how I came to start this site, my beliefs about being out at work, or my measures of success, among other questions, check out the interview. The rest of the site is full of terrific […]

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Story Corps Outdoes Itself: Please Listen

Ok, I admit it, I’m a geek. My favorite kind of “music” is NPR. In moments like this morning, I know why. This morning, Morning Edition ran a Story Corps segment that made me cry in my car. While I was driving. The interview was between a 14 year old […]

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Foster Parents Sought for Research

In case you didn’t see this comment on the Foster Parents blogroll page: Greetings reader–A colleague of mine and I at Eastern Michigan University are currently conducting a study about the unique needs and experiences of gay and lesbian foster parents. Each of us is a foster parent with our […]

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“Married” Moms vs “Unmarried” Moms?

UPDATE: This is cross-posted over at SoVo! Babytalk magazine is related to Parenting magazine, but oriented towards parents of babies. (I know you’re shocked.) In the current issue of Babytalk, there’s a survey: “Married Moms vs Unmarried Moms.” Smackdown at the playgroup! There are so many things that trouble me […]

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Blog Updates

There are a bunch of new blogs on the Trying page — best of luck and lots of good fertility vibes to you: Aspiring Baker A New Family Mommies in the Making Fly My Pretty Amy and Melissa Musings of the Other Mother Possible Maybe Jumping Out of Trees If […]

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Freedom to Marry Week

This week, February 11-17, is National Freedom to Marry Week! And Mombian is hosting a “Freedom to Marry Blog Carnival” on February 14 — linking to posts from all over the blogosphere on why the freedom to marry is so important. If you blog about that this week, or have […]

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Welcome to the world Lily Simone, born to B & T on February 2, AND Andrew, born to Lois & Holly on February 8! All the mothers and babies are healthy and beautiful. Congratulations to all!