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Tomorrow, Monday November 13, the 2006 Weblog Awards open for nominations!

Mombian, Lesbian Dad and I have been discussing this for a few weeks, and we hope you’ll agree with our thought that it is time for us to REPRESENT in the parenting blog category!

If each one of you nominated your favorite lesbian family blog (or blogs) in the parenting blog section, can you imagine the visibility it would bring to families like ours?

Sure, we’ll be outnumbered, but the diversity and range of parenting blogs will be out there and noticed by a community within the blogosphere that we seldom reach, and who rarely think about us.

And who knows? One of us might even win!

PS – Let’s also nominate in the “best of the rest” categories designed for blogs with smaller readerships. The more visibility, the merrier! 🙂


Several of you mommies-to-be are ABOUT TO DROP, but so far, nothing in the blogosphere says that you’ve had the babies yet. GOOD LUCK! The Internet is rooting for you!

Congratulations to Married Lesbian Mom, who is moving from “trying” to “expecting!”

Sad goodbyes — late ones, since I haven’t been good about updating the categories lately — to Baby Krimpet, who has left off TTC. We’re sorry, and we’ll miss you.

Send good thoughts to B at, who’s mom is in the hospital with a 3 cm “mass” in her brain, discovered because of an unrelated trip to the ER for injuring her ankle.

  1. Okay, I went to nominate a certain site that I read regularly (*wink wink*), but I can’t figure out how to nominate.
    Call it lack of coffee or whatever, but…?

  2. Lizzy —

    I found the FAQ for nominating here. Looks like you just leave a comment in the appropriate category.

    Oh, I have so many decisions to make now. On whom shall I bestow my favor? Hmmmmmm….

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