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An Interview with Gayby Baby Director Maya Newell

Guest author where to buy Pregabalin online M co-authors a blog,   prednisone for purchase Gayby Journey about her quest with K to become mums together. She lives in Sydney, Australia, and originally posted this interview with documentarian Maya Newell on her blog. ~Polly

In Australia, there is a great debate going on between conservatives and politicians about gay marriage saying that kids need both a mother and a father, and that having a mum and a dad is the best thing for the kids!

But who asked the kids?

Maya Newell, a gayby (child of gay parents) is creating a documentary to ensure the kids’ voices are heard. Last night on ABC’s Q&A she posed the question in the most articulate and gracious way to the politicians, putting a smile on Penny Wong’s face and making her seem a lot more human! It was great to watch!

Yesterday morning I had the great privilege of chatting to Maya and got some insight as to who she is, why she is making this documentary and what it was like growing up with two mums.

Gayby Baby is a documentary about kids growing up with same-sex parents. The documentary will focus on two or three kids, allowing the viewer an intimate portrait of what life is like for these kids and how they feel about their lives. Maya said, “You will get to know the kids and you will become invested in their stories.”

The kids featured in the documentary were found mostly through word-of-mouth and through networks in the gay community. They conducted interviews/castings with around 40 kids, some of who hadn’t really thought about what it was like to grow up with two dads or two mums. Maya said it was nice to connect with these kids and felt a sense of community with them.

Gayby Baby the movie – Crowdfunding Trailer (2) from Gayby Baby on Vimeo.

Maya grew up with two mums. She told me there were many great things about growing up with two mums. Like how the Mardi Gras invoked similar feelings to those felt at Christmas time, the strong connection she had with the gay community and how that made her more open-minded when dealing with difference.

In general she felt that growing up with same-sex parents gives kids an open mindedness when dealing with difference and sexuality. Queer families seem to have a more open communication amongst them. Kids with two mums, or two dads are not afraid to explore sexuality and have the courage to be who they want to be, knowing that their parents would always support them. In a world where gay teenage suicide is way out of control, I feel this is the most important trait a kid can have. I know myself, my entire 20’s would have been a completely different story if I had of felt comfortable with who I was and wasn’t afraid to be myself.

The best thing about growing up with two mum’s Maya said, was that you knew you were wanted. Gay parents have to jump through hoops in order to have a child. Quite often a lot of money is spent and there is a lot of anguish involved in the whole process – as we all know! These kids have resulted from a lot of love!

Maya believes children need love, security and support, and it doesn’t matter if that is given by one parent, two parents, or more.

This documentary needs to be made, but it needs more support. I encourage you to donate to the crowd funding campaign (all details are below). If you have kids and you are in a same-sex relationship, you could even contact the Gayby Baby team and have your kids voices heard, in particular if you’re men or transgender, as they seem to be short on these families.

Click here to visit the Gayby Baby Website.

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