Update for March 16, 2009

One new listing to announce: to the bodacious buy modafinil bali Trying listing, please welcome

Go give Melissa and Terry a visit, and tell them LesFam sent you! polesapartdesignlogoWe’ve recently finished some upgrades to, thanks to the handy work of Kemi at Poles Apart Design.  About which: want a WordPress blog? Have one and need a tune-up? Kemi’s your gal!  I mean, how can you beat that graphic (at right)?  The recent tune-up to current WordPress template standards has enabled us to edit pages in something other than raw HTML, which means: ALL THE PAGES ARE NOW ALPHABETIZED! Hosanna! 

Now that it’s so easy to find specific blogs, you might take another stroll through the listings, just to see what’s there. We’re talking hundreds of blogs, people, hundreds of them.  Nearly a hundred of them TTC and another near ‘hundred writing about their fresh Babies! alone. Both are topics folks have a ton of questions and answers about, not to mention so many of the others.  Basically if you are or are raising anybody specified by one of these listing pages, you’re bound to find kinship, solace and insight as soon as you start meandering around the blogs listed.

Frankly, doing this clean-up, where I’ve had the chance to cut and paste basically every single blog title in the LesFam listings, I’ve gotten even more warm and runny about all of this.  Each title (many of which I couldn’t resist peeking into and checking up on) represents somebody caring deeply about family and family-making. Some lesbian caring deeply about family, and caring about doing it right.  With love, and thoughtfulness (elsewise: why blog? since blogging basically forces examination, which usually forces thoughtfulness).  The titles alone are so telling, so full of humor, whimsy, hope.  Man, I love you guys!

Now! Please let us know if you want your blog moved from one page to another, to reflect a shift in the status of your family, and also please remember that we’ve added two new pages — Ciriè Families of Color & Single Parenting — so if you or someone you know of ought to be cross-listed there, let us know with a comment on the appropriate page!

The upgrade has also enabled us to add a few new features, the first of which we’ll demo soon as I can figure out how to use it: a poll feature!  (Next week’s new feature? Well you’ll have to come back and see!) A site like this functions as a big tent for the wide-ranging community that makes up the “all kinds of lesbian families” who list their blogs here.  It’s also fairly content-lite, and user-generated.  So a weekly poll (or semi-weekly, depending on how long we need to keep them open to get an interesting response) seems like just the right way to take the pulse of the wide range of lesbian family (or lesbian family -friendly) visitors to this site.  We’ll try and do one every week, and will archive them for ongoing reference.  Leave us a comment and let us know what you’d like to hear more about from your fellow LesFam readers!


  1. My partner and I are working toward a special-needs foster adoption. She’s black and I’m white and we expect to parent a non-white child, which I think would put us in Interracial Families rather than Families of Color, but I’d like to be included wherever appropriate.

  2. Welcome, Thorn!

    I’ve just listed Mother Issues in Foster and Interracial Families. So glad you found us! I’ll make a note of your blog, too, in the next post. 🙂

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