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where to buy Gabapentin cream In light of the recent revelations that a number of high profile “lesbian” bloggers are actually married, heterosexual men — I would like to take a moment to assure you that Polly, aka LesbianDad, and I are actual lesbians. Our identities are not fake. Neither are our families.

I recently had the opportunity to visit Polly in her native habitat!


I have also been seen in public, although this is not technically my native habitat:

Union Thug

It is perfectly true that neither of these pictures prove that we are the writers failing to update this blog, nor that we are lesbians. But there are some outside sources of information that at least suggest we are telling the truth.

For example, Polly spoke at Mom 2.0 in April. And she works at BlogHer! (And if you’ve been following the fake-lesbian-bloggers story, you know that BlogHer Liz Henry was one of the people responsible for uncovering the hoax of “Amina.” BlogHers are tough to fool.)

My existence can be corroborated, too. I was live-blogged at BlogHerFood ’11, in May. I’ve even been photographed in public by people I don’t know! (I’m partially obscured by the trash can, but my face is visible.) In real life, especially when first meeting me, people often doubt that I’m a lesbian. In fact, sometimes they run away from that “straight woman” who can’t possibly be talking to them. (Vikki is also real! And not a married heterosexual man!) I don’t take it personally — my wife reacted the same way when we first met. Unlike my wife, you, dear reader, are going to have to take my word for it that I’m really not straight.

I can’t verify the existence of all of the bloggers in this directory — not by a long shot. But your erstwhile authors? Really real people. Really women. Really lesbians. With real lesbian families.

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