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A little housekeeping

Nearly A dozen new listings have been added to the blogs here at Kayar Lesbian Family. Many are gals Trying to Conceive; one’s a move from Trying to Expecting (yay!), another from Expecting to Babies! (yay!). Plus we have several more new baby blogs, and one about both little and big kids.

New blogs listed on the Trying page are:


Star in My Heart is a newly listed blog by a non-bio mom, listed on the Non-Bio page, though they’re also TTC right now.

PBX makes four has moved from TTC to Expecting (congrats!), joining new listing A Tale of Two Mamas, which is also cross-listed at Interracial Families.

Nhamo in Paradise has moved from Expecting to Babies!, joining new listings The Frankenbaby Chronicles and Together is a Wonderful Place to Be! Mazel tov to you all.

Finally, All For The Love Of You has joined both the Little Kids and Big Kids listings.

A hearty LesbianFamily welcome to everyone who’s newly listing their blog here! If you haven’t already met these gals, mosey on over and set a spell.


  1. Thanks for adding us!

  2. I’m almost scared to say it outloud, because it’s so, so, so early, but after about a dozen pee sticks, followed by two betas, rising nicely (93, 214), please move us from “TTC” to “Expecting.”


  3. Thanks for adding us to the trying page! Can we also be added to the expecting page? My wife is expecting and I am still ttc.

  4. Rachel, yer welcome! Took us long enough!

    Done, Shrike & Whozat!

    And yer welcome, too, Joul, and I’ve got you-alls on both pages. Only in Lesbianlandia can you have a couple both expecting and trying to conceive a child simultaneously. Bless us everyone.

  5. Thanks for updating us, Polly. I’m glad to see the site back in action!

  6. I would love my blog to be added to your blogroll. I’m the Other Mom to two girl, 12 and 10 years old. My partner and I have been together 14 years, but we’ve known each other since 1973.

    It would be awesome to be included among you!


  7. You’re so welcome, Karrie. It’s a pleasure to aid & abet our community-building. I can say, for my part, that the first year of the second kid knocked me for a loop, and I inadvertently let lots of commitments slide, including this one.

    Fortunately, there are enough of us LesFam contributor/administrator gals to be able to balance out each other’s ups and downs. Several of us are either TTC or pregnant, both of which take a lot of personal energy; one’s working on a dissertation; and most all of us are juggling some combination of parenthood and employment, either full or partial, inside or outside of the home.

    I had a professor once who refused to organize the potlucks at her house, citing a kind of a Pot Luck Chaos Theory. This dictated that if left to their own devices, your guests will more or less fill out the menu. Of course, we were all grad students and brought the cheapest stuff we could prepare. I suspect her theory worked better with fully employed non-students. The Pot Luck Chaos Theory also didn’t work too well when applied at my partner’s and my commitment ceremony. We insisted no one give us gifts; of course everyone did (bless ’em); and we received enough serving bowls to hold everything we might ever cook in a two-week period.

    Anyhow. After an initial stab at more formal organization, currently operates on the Pot Luck Chaos Theory as applied to group website management. I suspect that some of this is just a tad related to the fact that we’re all of us negotiating the white waters of early parenthood, and are still getting the hang of what we can and can’t pull off. If it’s not getting food on the table, or our kids cared for. At any rate, for the moment, I’m happy I’m able to clear a bit of free time of a Monday morning.

    And hey, deb, I added your blog to the Big Kids and Non-bio lists. Do let me know if I got all that right.

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