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A bit of a crush

Okay. I admit it.  I have a bit of a crush (and, no, VillageQ is not talking about our collective crush on Hart again).  Actually, at times, this new crush has felt like a bit of an obsession.

Hasn’t that happened to you to?

A time when you think you will just look just once, but end up making excuses to pass by again.  The curves! The beauty!

Or maybe it is more of an intellectual crush where you just want to have some sort of eye impairment so you can wear NEBB glasses, cozy up by the fire, and talk literature, feminism, inspirational quotes, and liberal politics (or, whatever it is that gets you off intellectually).  The conversation where you just want to Tweet everything said.

Or the friend-crush where you listen to the words of the other and suddenly realize a deep truth within yourself that you couldn’t, until that very moment, articulate.

Ugh! Each of these crushes! And I currently have them all.  I am not looking to cheat.  I just sometimes find a blog that speaks to me and calls me back.  Lives and words of people I don’t know who keep me up at night, under the covers, reading their words, long after the little one has gone to sleep.  Crushes who, if I met them in public, I would never let on.  But whose words, whose blogs, move me.

Over the years, I have found many a blog-crush in our directory.  Do you know there are over 200 blogs now?  High time you go find yourself a blog-crush in there.

Here, basically in their words, are last month’s new additions for you to consider crushing out on:

  • Visibly Transparent: J lives in Ontario with his husband, their son, and the dog.  He blogs beautifully about trans parenting, gender, Toronto, and myriad aspects of identity.  The writing on this blog is really good and definitely worth a gander. 
  • Going Two Far: How a hot lesbian couple turned into the demented moms of 3 kids in 2 years.  Going Two Far is a blog about queer families, lastminutedotcom mothers, breeding tribes of Japanese Australian Londoners and being a parent when almost everyone around you is childless and tearing up dance-floors.  Going Two Far is also about myth-busting the multi billion dollar baby making industry, and getting real about modern women and our relationship with fertility.
  • Stop, Drop & Blog: Jenna started blogging in 2001.  She is the wife to a firefighter, the mom of two boys, and birth mother to a daughter in an open adoption. Her blog is a space she has created for her thoughts and feelings, conversations and letters, memories and dreams, hopes and fears, photos and photos and photos
  • 2 Bad Moms: Mommies to an active 3 year old, read just a little bit and it is clear that the blog is misnamed.  Noah and his Moms are awesome!
  • Journey of a Traditional Surrogate: This really new blog documents the journey of one traditional surrogate, two intended parents and hopefully two beautiful babies! Expect a lot of TTC info in the coming weeks as they set up for their first round of insemination. For the privacy of every one involved author will be blogging anonymously as suromom with the intended parents being referred to as dad #1 and dad #2. That isn’t her opinion of them just the order they’re going in. 🙂 Not to mention, after the first hopefully healthy birth, Suromom will be turning around and doing it again!
  • Mama et Maman: A blog about two moms trying to conceive.  They just had try number four, so give them some love and support.
  • Daddyhood Transcribed: Ethan is a 30-year old man of transsexual experience. He’s married to the most wonderful woman, and they have experienced the joys and challenges of trying to conceive, pregnancy, and now raising twins. Their process is complicated by Ethan being a female-to-male transsexual (FTM) and his wife Molly having Unexplained Infertility/Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). This blog is a reflection of his experiences during their process of trying to conceive, pregnancy, and raising twins, given these two relatively unique circumstances. He started it because it is easy to find dozens of mommy-blogs on the internet, but it is much more difficult to find daddy blogs. I hope it will serve as a resource for folks raising twins, any partner to a pregnant person, those who may be struggling with infertility, other DI dads (those who became dads through donor insemination), trans*-people and their partners who are trying to conceive, and all other allies.
  • Twins and a Toddler: Sometimes life requires a cage. 15 years ago these two went on their first date and talked about having kids. Six years later first child was born and 23 months after that the twins were born. They are two midwestern moms raising three kids the best they know how and having the time of their lives. Pete (girl) is 9, Linus (boy) and The Cup (girl) are 7. Life is never dull around here and that’s how they like it.
  • Pieces of Religion: Rachel and her partner have a 1-year-old.  Rachel couldn’t find a blog that spoke to her specifically, when it came to being atheist and raising kids. She found a few blogs that were semi-OK for what she was looking for. So, she started her own. She wants to raise her kid to be a free-thinker, but doesn’t want to force it on her. She is of the mind that indoctrination goes both ways, via religious or non-religious teachings.
  • Sally Around the Bay: Sally originally started this blog to share her adventures in exploring the San Francisco Bay Area. Through the years this blog has evolved from her own private Yelp!, to her random ramblings about life and social media to where she is now: a business owner who likes to blog about life during her free time.
  • Jacqui Tomplins: Jacqui lives with her partner, Sarah, and their three kids in Melbourne, Australia. Whenever her daughters create a fantasy world, Sarah is always the Queen, and Jacqui is always the cook. On this blog she writes about same-sex families, marriage equality, kids and parenting, schools and education, books and writing – but not necessarily in that order.
  • The Road to Marriage and Motherhood: A Minnesota couple’s adventure in gay marriage and future motherhood, one blog post at a time. They have two dogs, a fixer-upper first house, and wedding planning questions in their recent posts.
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  1. Ah, no, thank you. 🙂

  2. Ahh hey! There we are 🙂

  3. And to think there are people who think blogging is dead! Such rich material!


  5. Thanks so much for the crush! 😉 I am looking forward to finding my own crushes! I sure do love reading blogs. Probably more than I should.

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