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5 Wishes for the Sick Single Parent

1280px-Bed_Feet_006So, you are sick. And you are a single parent (or temporarily solo parenting). This is the worst. I know. I was there last week (with my toddler). In the spirit of the recently recuperated, here are my five hopes for you:

can i buy Pregabalin in canada 5. I hope that your kiddo is old enough to care for him or herself. Perhaps even help take care of you. Sadly, my little one is nearly three – no help there!

Uzgen 4. I hope the weather is bad. There is nothing worse than having to follow your toddler around the playground when you can barely get out of bed. Let’s not even talk about what it’s like if you have a light-sensitive migraine.

3. I hope your pantry or refrigerator is fully stocked on food that you can stomach and your kiddo will eat. Expired chicken noodle soup in a can was our mainstay last week.

2. I hope that you have friends or relatives nearby who are able to pitch-hit for you when you are down for the count. Shy of that, I hope that you live in a place where childcare is plentiful and cheap (or that you are just rich). For instance, I hope that you have good Montessori schools with learned teachers (who, at least, have opted for some sort of early years childcare courses), so that they can help you in educating your kids and shaping them for their future–after all, that is one of the most crucial concerns of parents. (It is hard to ask for help, but sometimes you (yes, even you, super parent) need reinforcements.)

1. I hope your kiddo doesn’t get it. The only thing worse than being sick, is watching your child suffer through the same. (Of course, them having less energy might be nice…)


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