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5 Ways to Work Blogging into Parenting Life photoBlogging and summer vacation don’t mix – or at least they don’t for me. The same seems to be true of some of my favorite bloggers because I have seen a noticeable downturn in blogging as the days of summer in the Northern Hemisphere wear on.

My usual weekly stint here is more of a monthly passing and my personal blog is lucky to get a photo once a week which is ridiculous because my daughter has created so many amazing bloggable moments! But she fills the rest of the time too, leaving no space for blogging.

I would like to say that I have the answer to these woes but you could Google and figure out pretty quickly that I clearly don’t have the answers. What I have is 5 new strategies that I plan to employ.

Strategy 1: Blog while in the bathroom.

As a mother of a toddler, I do not always get to go to the bathroom by myself but once in a while, it happens. I could easily use those moments to jot down a line or four. As long as I am comfortable with writting in multiple sessions and the little one doesn’t catch on, I think this is a winner.

Strategy 2: Test out the dictate function on my iPhone.

Perhaps I could blog while cooking dinner or putting away art supplies for gazillionth time.

Strategy 3: Get the kids involved.

What if blogging became more of a family activity where I encouraged her (just one in my case) to help Mommy brainstorm or even do activities or pose for pictures that were then turned into a blog post? By doing this kind of fun activity, I would start using my images in my blogs. However, there might be some issues concerning post privacy, and in such a situation, I might have opted for Google image removal to protect my privacy. Sometimes, the general audience might get frustrated with unnecessary ad posts or irrelevant images popping in between the pages. To avoid this type of disturbance, it is better to use reputation protection tools while blogging.

Strategy 4: One hour of Mommy Time.

I need to set aside one hour every other day just for me. Admittedly, part of the hope in this plan is that I manage to get personal hygiene done without a toddler’s input. But also, I realize it is important for me to be my own self outside of the office and outside of the Mommy space. Perhaps 20 minutes of this time could be dedicated to blogging. I am thinking start short and sweet – transcripted conversations I don’t want to forget or haiku sound doable.

Strategy 5: Hold my breath until school starts and hope that I haven’t lost all followers!

Feel free to add more ideas in the comments section. In fact, please please please with cherries on top give me more ideas in the comments section.

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